We, “I-Makeup” are a Saudi trademark, registered in Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property under commercial registration No. 1010717404. Its management headquarter office, Riyadh, and its commercial activities are carried out through the website http://www.i-makeup.com and the following applications:


  • I-Makeupon IOS
  • I-Makeupon Google Play


At “I-Makeup”, and because we care about you, we provide you with reliable products standardized worldwide, licensed in conformity with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. And we are striving to facilitate your shopping experience with us by providing fast delivery options through “I-Makeup” representatives or in cooperation with third parties from all regions of the Kingdom.


At “I-Makeup”, we offer user-friendly, simple and secure methods and payment plan, thus allowing you to choose what is suitable for you:


  • Payment on delivery
  • Payment using (Mada - Visa - MasterCard - Apple Pay - STC Pay)
  • Shop Now, Pay Later (Tamara - Tabby)


We are pleased to receive you on our customer care e-mail listed below, and we will respond you within 24 hours:




“We always strive to provide our customers’ needs with high quality and cost-effective products.”




Intellectual property:


“I-Makeup” is exclusively entitled to use the visual and readable content of “I-Makeup” and it is not allowed to be used any third party for commercial or personal use without permission.


-“I-Makeup” provided information to interested people coming from third parties to enhance their knowledge about the products and ensure that they are suitable for them. But we are not obligated to monitor third-parties’ information, or certifying their content, or having authority or control over them. Reviewing the content of third-party websites is under your own responsibility.


-All the content presented on “I-Makeup” including trademark information, photos, and readable or visual content belongs to “I-Makeup”. It is not permitted to use any content either for personal or commercial purposes or benefits. “I-Makeup” is entitled to a legal claim against anyone who violates this law.


Terms and conditions:


Please review the terms and conditions of “I-Makeup”, which is considered as the usage agreement and approval of the terms mentioned below. If you think that one of the following items could not suit you, please contact us oniCare@i-makeup.combefore completing any purchase.



Here, you will find the conditions for shopping or acquiring services through “I-Makeup” website or application, so any purchase you make is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned below, and you agree with your full legal capacity to the terms of this agreement, upon your registration under Article Ten of the Saudi Electronic Transactions System.


General provisions:


The preamble above constitutes an integral part of this agreement. You will also find below the meanings and definitions of the main terms used in this agreement:

  • Explanations and clarifications: The following words shall have the meanings assigned to such termswherever used herein and they shall apply to all forms namely masculine or feminine, single or plural.
  • “I-Makeup”: This definition includes all forms relating to I-Makeup such a website or applications.
  • The buyer or customer: shall mean every consumer who purchases the product or service from the store “I-Makeup”.
  • The user: shall mean all those who can access to “I-Makeup” website or application.
  • User Agreement: shall mean these terms and conditions, which govern and regulate the relationship between the parties of this agreement namely the user and “I-Makeup”.
  • The company: shall mean “I-Makeup”.
  • Products: shall mean each product or service obtained through “I-Makeup”.


Sale terms:


  1. Eligibility
  • Shopping through the website or application is exclusive to persons who are authorized to purchase online and via electronic sales outlets according to the applicable commercial laws in Saudi Arabia.
  • One of the conditions for shopping through the website and application is to provide personal information; including name, family name, mobile number, email, address, correct payment details, and that the user is authorized to deal with electronic stores according to Saudi law.
  • If the user is under 18 years old, he undertakes to obtain the consent of the parents upon use, and while completing the payment operation. “I-Makeup” disclaims any responsibility for purchases made by those above 18 years olds without the supervision of their families.


  1. Product ordering:


  • I-Makeup” has the right to accept or reject any order, either been complete or partial, for any reason; including a defect in the product or the fact that the product does not comply with the quality standards specified by “I-Makeup”.
  • Any product use without the proper following of what is mentioned on the product itself or in the description and method of use presented in “I-Makeup” is the entire responsibility of the user.


  1. Communication means:


  • The customer allows “iMakeup” team to contact him via e-mail and phone registered on our platform for anything related to his orders, services, and to provide him with “iMakeup” offers.


  • The user agrees that all agreements, advertisements, data and other communications that are provided electronically serve as their similar written and official content for contact purpose or regular and legal needs.


  1. The agreement:


  • Amendments may be made to this agreement according to the changes stipulated in the Saudi E-Commerce Law. Therefore, in the case of any important changes, users will be notified directly.
  • The mere use of your account on “I-Makeup” is considered as acceptance of the terms, conditions, and texts mentioned in this agreement.
  • All fees, prices and transactions are calculated in Saudi riyals or in Gulf countries’ currencies if the conditions are met with the user.
  • In the case of a purchase done outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “I-Makeup” is not responsible for the customs duties and costs imposed by the user's country.


  1. The payment:


  • “I-Makeup” deals with third parties approved by Saudi and Gulf banks and the Ministry of Commerce by providing an online E-payment system.
  • An electronic tax invoice will be sent to the customer upon confirmation of the order and completion of the purchase.


  1. Your personal information:


  • Upon creating the account, the user acknowledges to provide correct information and grants “I-Makeup” the right to use them for contact purpose and to provide him with updates and advertisements about “I-Makeup”.
  • Ifit does not serve user interest orthe provision of full service, we will not share user information with any third party outside, including but not limited to shipping companies and E-payment gateways.
  • User information is subject to the privacy and security policy rules of “I-Makeup” and to the terms and conditions stated in this agreement.


  1. “I-Makeup” disclaimer:


  • “I-Makeup” shall not be liable for any claims resulting from improper use or negligence, whether caused directly or indirectly, intended or unintended by the user himself or third parties related to him.
  • There may be a slight difference in the product external appearance (box or packaging) due to our updating of the products, which may undergo any development by the trademark owner without in any way affecting the content and components of the basic product.
  • The safety of the products is the responsibility of the user upon their reception, and before that, it is the responsibility of “I-Makeup”.


  1. Shipping and delivery:


  • Shipping to the customer is made through “I-Makeup” representatives or through third parties falling under administration of “I-Makeup”.
  • The user must write correct and complete mobile number and address for delivery.
  • If the shipment is not received, shipping fees will be charged to the user with a value equivalent to the flat rate (19.98 riyals) before adding VAT.
  • In the case of free delivery, or offers on the delivery value, a value equivalent to the flat rate (19.98 riyals) will be charged to the customer, regardless the price of the offers.


  1. Exchange and Return:


  • Receiving damaged product, or a product with a manufacturing defect, or that is damaged due to improper delivery, will be subject to return, replacement, or refund without causing any costs to the user, and “I-Makeup” assumes full responsibility for that and we committed to taking the appropriate action urgently.
  • If the user wants to return or exchange a good product, the basic shipping fees will be charged or deducted from the value of the returned product.
  • When a return or exchange is required, we “I-Makeup” team are happy to receive you on our communication channels: (phone: 920022597, email iCare@i-makeup.com or WhatsApp 920022597, you can also open order ticket, on condition that the product must be returned in its original condition as it was upon receipt.


  • When you submit a product return request, please provide the following information:


  1. Product name.
  2. Reason for exchange/refund.
  3. E-mail or registered phone number upon request.


  • Damaged product or return request must be reported within 72 hours from receipt of product.


  • The damaged product will be exchanged within 2-8 working days.
  • If the customer wants to refund the product cost instead of exchanging the product, a bank transfer of the paid amount will be refunded to the same account through which the order was paid, within a period not exceeding 3 working days.
  • The user can choose between refunding the amount of the damaged product or adding the amount to his wallet.
  • If you want to exchange the product but there is a difference in the price, the following applies:
  • If the price of the new product is higher than the product to be exchanged, a payment link will be created for the payment.
  • If the price of the new product is less than the product to be exchanged, the customer has the choice between refunding back the difference to his wallet, or to the payment account set while creating the order via bank transfer.


  • The following products are excluded from the return:


Health and personal care products including but not limited to: (shaving devices - hair removal devices - oral care devices - makeup brushes), and these products are not subject to exchange nor return.


“We care about your satisfaction, as we care about your beauty.”


  1. Electronic devices:


In case of manufacturing defect, “I-Makeup” is committed to guaranteeing all electronic devices for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

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